Our mission is to establish long-term relationships with the best employees from the market and to enable them to undertake satisfying work with our clients.


  • commitment and passion – What we do, which is work with people, it’s our passion. Thanks to them we can be fully involved in projects, because we have feeling of full responsibility for their course.
  • efficiency – Improving the performance index of our company at the turn of the last years allows us to proudly compete on the market with the largest in our industry.
  • professionalism – We use proven and effective procedures and our team is a high-level specialist in their field.cooperation and trust – Our activities are directed at achieving full satisfaction of our customers and employees. We treat each project individually, both in terms of the employer’s expectations for finding suitable candidates, then matching them appropriately. Our recruitment processes and outsourcing projects are covered by a full confidentiality guarantee. We treat our clients, candidates and employees as equal partners, and their trust is our most valuable asset.


The proposed cooperation model for temporary work will bring Your company the following benefits:

  • any negative aspects of employing an employee in Your company are eliminated because our employees are employed on the basis of a temporary employment contract or civil law agreement that is based on other conditions.
  • minimizing the time and costs associated with recruiting
  • employment flexibility – allows You to quickly react to market changes, without having to bond permanently with the employee engaged under a contract of employment.
  • taking over HR responsibilities in the area of recruitment, human resources administration and payroll services
  • reduction of administrative activities
  • lower employment level with the same level of efficiency


  • always high standards of work quality
  • use the most effective recruitment tools for production workers, such as our own manual tests
  • punctuality
  • constant and easy contact with the Max Power coordinator
  • daily reporting
  • legal and safe cooperation
  • low absenteeism rate
  • the most favorable prices on the market


  • analysis of the employer’s needs
  • selection of employees
  •  depending on the arrangements with the customer we conduct interviews in conjunction with manual tests
  • the temporary worker’s order is valid from 5 to 10 working days, depending on the position
  •  employment of candidates on the basis of a temporary employment contract or a civil law contract
  •  HR and payroll staffing and full worker coordination of employees