Bielany Wrocławskie Branch

Our branch – Bielany Wrocławskie was first established, it is in 2009. The company initially made up of several dozen people and employing temporary workers grew steadily. In our office there are four departments: accountant, HR and payroll, Polish and Ukrainian recruitment, a total of 12 people. Currently, we employ 350 employees in thirteen different companies. So far 6248 people have cooperated with us. Our staff is available from Monday to Friday, from 7:00 to 15:00. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.


Skoczów Branch

The Skoczow branch was established in September 2016. It currently has 7 employees, serving 12 clients, mainly from the automotive industry. Woobotech, Koam Poland and Hwasung Corporaction are the biggest customers. In September 2016 we employ about 550 employees, we currently have 460 employees – but the trend is growing and by the end of 2017 we want to return to the original number. Our regional office is located in Skoczów – the reception time is 7:30 to 15:30 from Monday to Friday.

All of our guests are welcome to contact us by e-mail, phone or in person.


Zabrze Branch

The Zabrze branch was established in 2010. Its range covers the entire Silesia. Thanks to our several years of experience in recruiting for our clients, among others from Zabrze, Gliwice, Tychów and Żor, we recruited 4,400 employees from Poland and Ukraine. The office has an perfect location in the very center of Zabrze at Wolności Street. For our clients we offer the higher level services, selected candidates, timely execution of orders. We are characterized by
professionalism, commitment and high productivity. Long-term joint work has strengthened our ties, which is why we created a very close-knit team in the Zabrze branch.

Together, we implement tasks, solve problems and make sure that both contractors and employees are satisfied with cooperation with us.


Mława Branch

The branch in Mława was opened on 01.12.2016, our main customer is Heesung, we also cooperate with LG Electronics. Currently we employ 150 workers, and since the beginning of the establishment of a branch in Mlawa already hired 400 employees. For our clients we provide ready-to-work employees. The client does not have to worry about recruiting, contracting, referring to the doctor. We provide workers from Poland and foreigners. Our team is made up of ripe individuals who are fully engaged in their work. The office is located at Żwirki 21 B street (1st floor), open from Monday to Friday, 8-16.

As the only employment agency in Mlawa we have our office. This is a great asset because we are always available to our employees, we will be happy to help you with paperwork and other matters.


Kiev Branch

Our Ukrainian branch was opened on December 1, 2017, and currently consists of two people. Our main task is the recruitment support of all our current clients. We are very professional and serious about what we do. We provide employees ready to take up a job for our clients. We carry out the initial selection of employees, we work closely with the headquarter of our company in Bielany Wrocławskie. We provide employees who are already in Poland and also those who are still abroad. Our team is very involved into work. Do you want to learn more? We invite you to the office in Kiev, ul. Sofiivska 6/4, only 3 minutes on foot from the metro station „Majdan Nezależnosti”